Aesthetic Cosmetic Procedures

Aesthetic Cosmetic Procedures are the treatment processes used to improve the aesthetics of the patient’s teeth like whitening, removing pigmentation from the gums,  smile designing, teeth gap closures and using ceramic veeners. The Aesthetic Cosmetic Dental Procedures offered at Dent-O-Health are listed Below. 

Cleaning & Polishing

Cleaning and Polishing is a process in which the teeth of the patients are cleaned to remove the plaque from the interdental spaces and the teeth are polished to give them a better aesthetic appeal.  

Teeth Whitening

Over the years of usage, the teeth lose their natural white color depending on the oral hygine and habits of the patient. Teeth Whitening is the procedure in which the original color is restored to the teeth. 

Tooth Colored Fillings

Using tooth colored fillings is often the primary approach to fill cavities and prevent tooth decay.  By using fillings which resemble the original tooth color, the aesthetic appeal is improved further.

Smile Designing

Smile Designing is the process in which the teeth of the patient are aligned in a way which will result in the perfect smile. Many people have mis-aligned teeth or have gaps which diminish the aesthetic appeal. 

Front Teeth Gap Closures

Gaps in the front teeth greatly diminish the aesthetic appeal. By using treatment methods like using clearpath aligners, braces, etc., which reduce the gap in the front teeth, excellent results can be achieved with modern dentistry. 

Ceramic Veeners

Many times patients often have tooth decay or damage due to various reasons. By using Ceramic Veeners to cover the damaged tooth, this treatment options results in preventing further decay and also helps to improve the aesthetic appeal of the teeth.

Gum Depigmentation

Gum Depigmentation is a treatment process in which the pigmentation on the gums is removed using various methods. This improves the aesthetic appeal while also promoting oral hygiene.