Root Canal Treatments

Root Canal Treatment is used to address severe tooth decay due to cavities which has gone on to infect the roots of the teeth. The Root Canal Treatment removes the decayed part of the tooth and uses fillings to seal the canals thereby salvaging the natural tooth. Without Root Canal Treatment, the roots of the teeth which are infected cause significant pain and the resultant infection can also spread to the bone and the surrounding tissues. 

In this procedure, the patient is first given local anesthesia and then the tooth is drilled to identify the canals. The decayed portion is then removed using specialised instruments and fillings are used to pack the canals. Furthermore, a crown is placed on the tooth to prevent further damage and protect the tooth. 

We at Dent-O-Health, offer the best Root Canal Treatment procedures which help the patient recover quickly while utmost care is taken to ensure that the procedure is completed properly and the patient is provided excellent relief from the pain.